Bio: Tech Storm, the international TV channel that brings global audiences closer to consumer technology, innovation and entrepreneurship stories, broadcasting in HD – the channel inspires and delights audiences with addictive tech trends, mobile app and gadget reviews; award-winning reality programmes on start-ups all across linear, on demand, online and mobile screens. We started Tech Storm to connect consumers with the latest, coolest tech infotainment and to give start-ups and entrepreneurs a dedicated go-to media voice to amplify what they have created. More than TV: Tech Storm is a brand new avenue for you to get plugged in to addictive tech trends, reviews on gadgets, apps, video games and to check out the latest, coolest start-up ideas from entrepreneurs. Get off the side-lines, get involved: If you are a passionate app, gadget, technology user, get off the side-lines and get involved. Talk to the entrepreneurs directly to tell them about your pains, and challenge them to solve these for you via clever innovation ideas. Well we know technology ain’t gonna be the magical panacea but yes it does make life better and it should. Use the "Ask an Entrepreneur" More fun to share: If you are an entrepreneur dreaming up the next big idea join the Tech Storm network to post your start-up video and connect with consumers. Get ready to be the next start-up rockstar. Use the "Submit your video"" Embrace our mission: Our mission is to help spawn new tech start-up ideas to life and to enrich your quality of life by connecting you directly to the latest tech and start-up tips and infotainment. We challenge the boundaries between awesome technology infotainment and our fans across the world.

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